Communication Joint Stock Company IMTEL has a license of the Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Society:

  1. License to produce technical documentation P150E3 - projects of telecommunication networks and systems for telecommunications facilities in communication systems which are of international importance and the main and telecommunications facilities to be constructed on the territory of two or more municipalities, as of major facilities
Technical Support Services

  • Consulting during the planning, procurement and approval of radio equipment
  • technical expertise issues
  • Quality control of constructed radio systems
  • technical inspection of radio stations (based on the authority RATEL)
  • Quality antennas and possible service

Designing radio systems and networks

  • Making of projects
  • detailed design
  • Technical documentation for licenses for radio frequencies
  • Making Built documentation
  • Technical control major projects
  • Budgeting interference in radio networks

Building services / disassembly

  • construction / adaptation / optimization of radio systems
  • Supervision of construction of radio equipment
  • Moving radio systems
  • Dismantling radio equipment


  • Regular and intervention
  • Remote monitoring radio equipment and infrastructure

And technical personnel are capable of (people, equipment, references, certificates) to properly and professionally perform all these tasks. Head of Engineering: Dejan Mrdak, dipl. ing, tel: 064-823-6512