Research and Development

IMTEL ad Communications, Institute of Microwave Engineering and Electronics is a company with a very large research and development potential, which is the establishment of the R & D in the field of microwave technology, electronics and signal processing.

Development activities

IMTEL Communications ad is an active participant and technological innovation projects of the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of Serbia(link)

Work is ongoing on the following projects:

  1. TR-32024:Reconfigurable, multi-band antenna and scanned based on metamaterials for wireless communication systems and sensors
  2. TR-32052: Research and development solutions to improve the performance of wireless communication systems at microwave and millimeter frequency range
  3. TR-34016: Technology development and compresses the core based on domestic raw materials for production of special electrodes intended for arc welding
  4. III-44009: The development of digital technology and networked services in systems with built-in electronic components
  5. III-45016: Generation and characterization nanophoton functional structures for biomedical and software application
  6. OI-74004: Micromechanical damage and fracture criteria

In the framework of which the first year (2008 and 2010.) achieved significant results have to: a patent, 63 technical solutions, 9 papers in international journals, 4 papers in national journals, 22 papers in international conferences and 24 papers on national conferences.

Previously associates IMTEL AD Communications participated in a number of technological and innovation projects, as follows:

Year Project
2008-2010. Dual-band and tree-band microwave circuits and antennas based on metamaterials for communication systems
new generation, TR-11009
2008-2010. The development of new models and microwave circuits and devices for use in wireless communication systems,
2008-2010. Application of spread spectrum techniques for the protection of signals that transmit information and control commands
, TR-11038
2008-2010. Links to millimeter bands (60 GHz) ultra large capacity of 1 Gbit / s,
2008.-2009. The development of printed antennas for use in radio-frequency identification (RFID), TR-11041
2006. Development of UHF TV amplifier output power from 100W to broadcast digital TV to the standard DVB-T, IP06-8229B
2005.-2006. Industrial gauges of process variables with radio communication, IP06-8245B
2005.-2007. New generation capacity links (155Mbit / s) on the frequency bands 4,6,13,15,18,23,26 and 38GHz, TR-6109B
2005.-2007. Anti collision radar system at 24 GHz, TR-6110B
2005.-2007. Light drones with accompanying electronics, TR-6107B
2005.-2007. Development of software and hardware support for telecommunications access networks, TR-6123B
2004.-2005. The development of FM and FM transmitter amplifier power from 1kW to 10kW, PTR-2084
2002.-2004. Digital radio-relay equipment high-capacity(51.8 i 155Mbit/s), IT.1.17.0196.B
2002.-2004. Fixed wireless Internet network, IT.1.15.0229.B
2004.-2006. A new generation of millimeter-Link-based composite materials nanostructure, PTR.2002.B
2002.-2004. The development of broadband wireless distribution systems, IT.1.15.0186.A
2002.-2004. Microsystem and nanosystem technology for sensors and optoelectronics, IT.1.04.0062.B
1998.-2000. Radio-relay systems for digital signal transmission medium capacity, S.
1998.-2000. Development of telecommunication equipment and software for cable and satellite broadcasting systems, S.
1996.-2000. Telecommunications, 10M06
1996.-2000. Electromagnetics, microwave and optical communication techniques, 10M03
1996.-1997. The device for monitoring and testing of digital radio-relay networks, I.1.1458
1996.-1997. Microwave Power Amplifier 10 watts of radio-relay equipment in the range of 6.4 to 7.2 frekvecijskom GHz, I.2.1206
1995.-1996. The test-measuring device for radio links for digital transmission (radio test device), I.2.0997
1995.-1996. Microwave systems for the transmission of digital signals (digital radio-relay device for bands 13 and 22 GHz, the transmission of TV pictures and antenna systems, video encoders), S.
1994.-1995. Microwave systems for the transmission of digital signals (digital radio-relay device for bands 13 and 22 GHz, the transmission of TV pictures and antenna systems, video encoders), S.
1994.-1995. Satellite and cable high-definition television, S.
1994.-1995. Development of production technology and design of microelectronic devices, S.
1994.-1995. Conducting, superconducting and magnetic materials, S.,, manager Ilija Savic
1994. Electromagnetics, microwave and optical communication techniques, E-1006
1994. Telecommunications, E-1005
1993. Electromagnetics, microwave and optical communication techniques, E-1006
1992. Electromagnetics, microwave and optical communication techniques, E-1006