Radio-relay devices for delivery of TV and audio modulation
  • IMTEL RRU and RRU 10TV 23TV at 10GHz and 23GHz bands for the supply of alternating transmitter with integrated MPEG2 encoder and / or ASI interface
  • IMTEL RRU 23DM the 23GHz band for the supply of modulation radio transmitter with integrated audio codec with high quality, RDS has the ability to set gain,
  • IMTEL RRU 1.5DM the 1.5GHz band for the supply of modulation radio transmitter with integrated audio compressor MPEG1 Level II,
  • IMTEL 10TVFM RRU and RRU 23TVFM the range of 10GHz and 23GHz for the simultaneous delivery of a combined radio and TV transmitter at the same location with integrated MPEG2 encoder for MPEG1 video and audio for level II
  • In accordance with the recommendation RATEL.


Quality digital transmission analyzer MOTS ARV834

Instrument for measuring the quality of signal transmission MOTS ARV8/34 (Any rate, V.35) is designed to test the quality of transmission at the level of grea Aake in digital broadcasting systems capacity to interface with HDB3 code at 2048 Mbit / s, 8448 Mbit / s, 34 368 Mbit / s with signal shaping recommended by ITU-TG.703.
Also the device ARV8/34 MOTS is intended to test other telecommunications equipment flow to 10Mbit / s interface with clock + data type. Measure the quality of digital transmission at any flow rate of 64kb / s to 8.8MB / s interface with HDB3 and to 40Mb / s in Clk + Data iterfejsu. (Built-in clock synthesizer DDS) Special configuration of E1, E2, E3 (PDH) and V.35 Statistics on the recommendation G.821 RS-232 interface for computer control.


The active repeater station with solar power

The active repeater stations powered with alternative energy sources (solar panels and wind generators that can complement each other in the process of recovering energy batteries) or network 220V/50Hz.
The active repeater station there for ARS 13.18 or 23GHz bands.
For the exploitation of these systems is very useful for conditioning and application of remote monitoring RRUSPY, which provides information about the block and the power level of received signals and negotiations, GSM / GPRS modem forwards it to the supervisory center.

  • station unmanned,
  • difficult to access locations
  • decreases the time to locate the fault,
  • RRUNet Lite software for remote monitoring,
  • collection and alarms ODU-IDU units
  • network monitoring through supervisory computer.
  • monitoring infrastructure.
  • monitoring system is vital to supply.
Acquisition and Remote Monitoring Unit
  • collecting alarms from other equipment,
  • control voltage (-48V and 220V)
  • monitoring facility (presence of non protected persons, fire detection, temperature ...)
  • control other equipment,
  • remote power supply included (switches, generators)
  • tunneling data via RS-232 interface to access other devices,
  • Monitoring of long RR equipment manufacturers,
  • RR network monitoring devices.